Post International Spring Festival Review

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Friday – Sunday, June 2-4

This weekend meditation retreat, led by Gen Kelsang Khedrub, is based on the teachings given during the International Spring Festival. The retreat will focus on the practice of Buddha Maitreya, who is the manifestation of the loving kindness of all the Buddhas. Through engaging in Maitreya meditation practice with faith, we will receive special blessings and power to accomplish the actual realizations of love, compassion, and bodhichitta. These powerful intentions heal our mind, and enable us to be of more benefit to everyone we meet.

You are welcome to come to all or part of this event.
Cost: $105 entire event (includes lunch Saturday and Sunday)
$15 Friday only
$60 Saturday only (includes lunch)
$40 Sunday only (includes lunch)
Single session rates range from $10 to $15

Please pre-register. Click the registration tab below or call 206-526-9565.

This event is taught by Gen Khedrub, the Resident Teacher of KMC WA.

Gen Kelsang Khedrub, a Western Buddhist monk, has been studying and practicing Kadampa Buddhism under Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s guidance for many years. His heartfelt teachings are presented with clarity and humor that make them accessible to everyone. Through his kindness, humility and deep understanding of Buddha’s teachings, Gen Khedrub provides an inspiring example of a contemporary Buddhist practitioner we can follow.


Kadampa Meditation Center Washington
6556 24th Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98117 (map)
(206) 526-9565

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7:30-8:45pm Introduction

9:00-10:15am Session 1
11:00am-12:15pm Session 2
Lunch break
1:45-3:00pm Session 3
3:45-5:00pm Session 4

9:00-10:00am Session 1
10:30-11:45am Prayers for World Peace
Lunch break
1:45-3:00pm Session 2
4:00-6:00pm Offering to the Spiritual Guide

Pre-registration is greatly appreciated.