January Retreats

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Peaceful Mind, Peaceful World
Tuesday, January 1

Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible. By learning how to cultivate and maintain a relaxed and positive mind in the face of the chaos and stress of modern life, we become a source of peace for ourselves and others.

Uplift the Mind
A Beginner Retreat
Saturday, January 5

Buddhist meditation is a tool for improving our human nature, supporting the development of wisdom, kindness and compassion in the mind. The meditations during this retreat will focus on the initial stages of Lamrim, the sublime meditations on the stages of the path to enlightenment. Suitable for everyone, regardless of meditation experience!

21-Day Meditation Challenge
Monday evening classes 7:00-8:30PM
January 7-28

We all want to have a calm and peaceful mind, and meditating every day is an ideal way to uplift the mind and experience joy in daily life. However, it can be difficult to develop a new daily habit. Join the meditation challenge to learn mental focus and receive the support you need to make meditation an indispensible part of your daily routine.

Meditations for a Kind Heart
A Beginner Retreat
Saturday, January 19

Combining a simple meditation on the breath with the inner practice of taking suffering and giving happiness transforms our ordinary mind into the the blissful mind of a Bodhisattva. Meditation on taking and giving improves our concentration, strengthens our love and compassion, and results in the accumulation of vast merit. In this way, the simple act of breathing is transformed into a powerful spiritual practice. This retreat is suitable for everyone, regardless of meditation experience.