Peaceful Families

KMC WA is a place of refuge for both adults and children. Located in the family-friendly neighborhood of Ballard, we have a thriving kids and family program. It is never too early for children to begin to learn the benefits of meditation, and parents can learn techniques to calm and control their minds on the busy rollercoaster of being a parent!

On Sunday mornings from 10:00-11:15, we offer Meditations for World Peace upstairs and Dharma for Kids downstairs for kids ages 4-10. Older children and teens are welcome to attend the teaching upstairs with their parents, and parents with toddlers younger than four can stay downstairs with their children to participate in kids class together. Parents with infants can also stay downstairs and watch the teaching upstairs through a video feed.

About three times a year, we offer a Family Retreat. This is a special event that allows the entire family to explore Buddha’s teachings and the benefits of meditation¬†together. This special course includes time for family meditation, art and crafts and drama activities, and time for the adults to receive teachings and do a meditation on their own.

For families interested in participating in chanted prayers, we also occasionally offer a family friendly Avalokiteshvara Puja. In these short prayers we make requests to the Buddha of compassion. Beginners are welcome!