Saturday Morning Retreat

October 6 – Staying in the Moment: How to Bring Our Mind into the Present

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In this modern world, we are so accustomed to being stimulated from the outside that we forget to take time to enjoy the stillness of our own mind and reconnect with our deeper goals. In these monthly Saturday morning retreats, take a break from distractions and multi-tasking and make some time to enjoy true peace and quiet. Learning to calm and focus our mind using meditation improves our clarity, mindfulness and happiness.

The retreat is silent with a short teaching and guided meditations. We encourage you to use the break between sessions for personal reflection. Leave your smartphone at home!

Topics are geared to busy, modern people. The 10:45am session builds on the 9:00am session, but you are welcome to attend either one or both, whatever your schedule allows.

Session one: 9:00-10:15AM
Session two: 10:45AM-12:00PM

$20 for the entire morning, $10 for one session (50% discount for students, seniors 62+ and supporters). Please register by clicking the tab below or drop in anytime.

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October 6 – Staying in the Moment: How to Bring Our Mind into the Present
November 10 – Understanding Death: a Buddhist Approach

The Saturday Morning Retreats are taught by Rob Lutz. Rob has been studying on the Teacher Training Program at KMC WA for many years. His teaching style is heartfelt and warm, making the topics easy to understand and apply to daily life.

“If we have to walk across rough and thorny ground, one way of protecting our feet is to cover the whole ground with leather, but this is not very practical. We can achieve the same result in a much simpler way—by covering our feet. Similarly, if we wish to protect ourself from suffering we can either try to change the whole world to make it conform to our wishes, or we can change our mind.” – Eight Steps to Happiness


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