Support Programs in Your Community

Becoming a supporter puts your money where your values are. Your monthly support makes it possible for these teachings to be offered to the local community and the wider region. Becoming a supporter provides both you and others with opportunities to establish a thriving meditation practice and find lasting solutions to the challenges of daily life.

Support Temples Worldwide

Kadampa Meditation Center Washington is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The Center is run by volunteers and all activities are dedicated to the development of world peace. Funds raised through classes and events go toward maintenance and rental of class facilities and to the International Temples Project Fund (ITP), an international charity which supports the development of Temples and Centers around the world.

Sign Up Today!

Signing up to be a supporter is fast and easy. You can sign up online, over the phone, or at the Center. Three different levels of support provide options that work best for each individual. For further information contact admin@meditateinseattle.org.

General Program

$60 per month


Unlimited drop-in classes; savings on most courses, retreats and events.

Foundation Program

Structured study program with once-weekly daytime or evening classes
$75 or $80 per month


Unlimited drop-in classes; savings on most courses, retreats and events.

Teacher Training Program

Twice-weekly classes for those who wish to become teachers of Kadampa Buddhism
$95 per month


Unlimited drop-in classes; savings on most courses, retreats and events; several preliminary guide retreats throughout the year.


Answers to your supporter questions

A: The cost depends upon whether you support the General Program or join one of the structured study programs. Please contact the Education Program Coordinator at education@meditateinseattle.org if you have questions about which support level is right for you.

A: You can sign up to become a supporter of Kadampa Meditation Center Washington at any time! To begin the payment process, please email the Administrative Director at admin@meditateinseattle.org.

A: Right away! You can use your supporter status to attend classes and save on upcoming events as soon as you register.

A: Yes. Becoming a supporter is part of enrolling in the Foundation Program or Teacher Training Program. In appreciation of your monthly support, attendance at drop-in classes and savings on other events are included with enrollment in a structured study program.

A: Yes, as a supporter you can attend all drop-in classes at Kadampa Meditation Center Washington and all neighborhood branch classes.

A: No. While Kadampa Meditation Center Washington is part of a global organization, each Center is an independent entity. Your monthly support gives you access only to classes and events directly affiliated with and organized by Kadampa Meditation Center Washington.

A: No. Supporter benefits apply to one adult member only and are not transferable.

A: Yes. Children may attend Dharma for Kids on Sunday mornings free of charge.

A: When you attend a drop-in class, please give the greeter your name and let them know that you are a supporter.

A: To cancel, please send an email to admin@meditateinseattle.org with your request with two weeks of notice.