Lamrim Retreat

The Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Vajrapani

How do we increase our spiritual power?

As the world seems to become more crazy, we need a powerful mind, able to adapt to new situations and unexpected stresses. Buddha Vajrapani is the embodiment of the power of all the Buddhas. With the nature of love, he appears in a fierce aspect showing his function is to destroy the delusions of living beings by bestowing special power upon their body and mind.  

Great bliss and emptiness is the real “vajra”, and Vajrapani is lineage holder of these Tantric teachings.  The empowerment is a special blessing ceremony in which we make a deep connection with Vajrapani’s enlightened mind; through this we can develop a fearless heart and confidence to progress successfully along the spiritual path. Gen Rinzin will grant the empowerment and explain the practice. We can use the practice of Vajrapani to bring about the deep transformative changes that we long for.  Everyone welcome! 


10:00am – 12:00pm Empowerment 

                  Delicious vegetarian lunch provided 

 1:30   –  3:00pm Teaching 

 3:30   –  4:30pm Practice 

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What is an empowerment?

An empowerment is a special blessing ceremony where we make a close connection with a Buddha, an Enlightened Being, in order to receive blessings and develop our good qualities. During an empowerment there are meditations, guided visualizations, and prayers, followed by teachings to explain the practice.