August 24Meditations for a Clear Mind Saturday Morning Retreat
September 14The Power of the Mind Morning & Afternoon Meditation Workshops with Gen Khedrub
September 22Buddha's Return from Heaven Day
September 27-October 3International Fall Festival at IKRC Grand Canyon
October 5-10Guru Yoga Mandala Offering Retreat
October 12A Buddhist Perspective on Death Saturday Morning Retreat
October 18Work a Day for World Peace
October 19The Art of Living Gently Morning & Afternoon Meditation Workshops with Gen Khedrub
October 25Je Tsongkhapa Day
November 2International Temples Day
November 9Uncover Your Pure Potential Tantric Meditation Workshops with Gen Khedrub
November 10-14Vajrasattva Retreat
November 16Finding Mental Balance in a Changing World Saturday Morning Retreat
November 23Center Cherishing
December 4Beyond Anger: Transforming Conflict into Spiritual Growth at UW Kane Hall with Gen Rigpa
December 6-8Northwest Dharma Celebration
December 14Harmony during the Holidays Saturday Morning Retreat
December 31New Year's Eve Celebration


January 1Peaceful Mind, Peaceful World Meditation Retreat with Gen Khedrub
January 4-5Imagination into Action Weekend Course with Gen-la Jampa
January 7-12Stages of the Spiritual Path Guided Lamrim Retreat with Gen Khedrub
January 18The Buddhist Path to Joy Saturday Morning Retreat
January 23-25Training in Tranquil Abiding a Silent Retreat with Gen Khedrub