November 2International Temples Day
November 9Uncover Your Pure Potential Tantric Meditation Workshops with Gen Khedrub
November 10-14Vajrasattva Retreat
November 16Finding Mental Balance in a Changing World Saturday Morning Retreat
November 23Center Cherishing
December 4Beyond Anger: Transforming Conflict into Growth at UW Kane Hall with Gen Rigpa
December 6-8Northwest Dharma Celebration The Liberating Path with Gen Rigpa
December 14Harmony during the Holidays Saturday Morning Retreat
December 31The Light of Lasting Peace New Year's Eve Celebration with Gen Khedrub


January 1Peaceful Mind, Peaceful World Meditation Retreat with Gen Khedrub
January 4-5Imagination in Action Weekend Course with Gen-la Jampa
January 7-12Stages of the Spiritual Path Guided Lamrim Retreat with Gen Khedrub
January 18The Buddhist Path to Joy Saturday Morning Retreat
January 23-25Training in Tranquil Abiding a Silent Retreat with Gen Khedrub
February 8The Wisdom of Buddha Amitayus Teachings and Long Life Retreat
February 15Practicing the Kadampa Path Workshops with Gen Khedrub
February 22The Meaning of the Four Noble Truths Saturday Morning Retreat
March 2Public Talk
March 14Building Authentic Self-Confidence Saturday Morning Retreat
March 20-21Blessing Empowerment
April 14-15Detox Your Mind Fasting and Purification Retreat
April 18How to Become a Better Meditator Saturday Morning Retreat
April 19Open House, Open Heart Free Guided Meditation and Open House
April 24Wisdom for the Modern World Public Talk with Visiting Teacher Gen Menla
April 25An Ocean of Peace: The Power of Wisdom Saturday Workshop with Visiting Teacher Gen Menla