April 6Treasury of Merit with Gen Khedrub and Gen Wangpo
April 12-13Nyungnay Purification and Fasting Retreat
April 15Buddha's Enlightenment Day
April 20Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities Saturday Morning Retreat
April 26-May 1US Festival at Kadampa Meditation Center New York
May 4Center Cherishing
May 10-11Faith, Confidence & Wisdom the Empowerment of White Tara with Gen Khedrub
May 24-29International Spring Festival at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Center, England
May 25The Art of Self-Confidence Saturday Morning Retreat
June 1Creating Inner Harmony Teachings on Whidbey Island with Gen Khedrub
June 4Buddha's Turning the Wheel of Dharma Day
June 22Steps to Enlightenment Fundraiser & Party
June 22-27Guru Yoga Mandala Offering Retreat Preliminary Guides Retreat
June 29Topic TBD Saturday Morning Retreat
July 7-8Liberation from Sorrow 24-Hour Tara Chanting Retreat
July 20Topic TBD Saturday Morning Retreat
July 26-August 11International Summer Festival at Manjushri KMC, England
August 17-19Infinite Bliss Mahamudra Meditation Retreat with Visiting Teacher Gen Delek
August 24Topic TBD Saturday Morning Retreat
September 14Morning & afternoon meditation workshops with Gen Khedrub
September 22Buddha's Return from Heaven Day
September 27-October 3International Fall Festival at IKRC Grand Canyon
October 5-10Guru Yoga Mandala Offering Retreat
October 12Saturday Morning Retreat
October 18Work a Day for World Peace
October 19Morning & afternoon meditation workshops with Gen Khedrub
October 25Je Tsongkhapa Day
November 9International Temples Day
November 12Saturday Morning Retreat
November 16Tantra day course with Gen Khedrub
November 17-21Vajrasattva Retreat
November 23Center Cherishing
December 4Public talk with Gen Rigpa
December 6-8Northwest Dharma Celebration
December 31New Year's Eve Celebration