February 8The Wisdom of Buddha Amitayus Teachings and Long Life Retreat
February 15Practicing the Kadampa Path Workshops with Gen Khedrub
February 22The Meaning of the Four Noble Truths Saturday Morning Retreat
March 2Realizing Equality Public Talk with Resident Teacher Gen Khedrub
March 14Building Authentic Self-Confidence Saturday Morning Retreat
March 20-21Healing Wisdom Blessing Empowerment of Medicine Buddha
April 14-15Detox Your Mind Fasting and Purification Retreat
April 17Wisdom for the Modern World Public Talk with Visiting Teacher Gen Menla
April 18An Ocean of Peace: The Power of Wisdom Saturday Workshop with Visiting Teacher Gen Menla
April 19Open House, Open Heart Free Guided Meditation and Open House
April 25How to Become a Better Meditator Saturday Morning Retreat
May 10Mother's Day Brunch Celebrating All Our Kind Mothers
May 16The Buddhist Way of Loving Saturday Workshop with Gen Khedrub
May 22-27The Power of Compassion NKT-IKBU International Spring Festival at Manjushri Centre, England
May 23Awaken Your Buddha Nature Saturday Morning Retreat
June 6Awakening the Strength of Compassion Away Day Retreat on Whidbey Island
June 12-17US Festival with General Spiritual Director Gen-la Dekyong at Kadampa Meditation Center New York
June 20-25Guru Yoga Mandala Offering Retreat
June 27Overcoming Anger: The Power of Patience Saturday Morning Retreat